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Take part in a classic tradition and add a fun, beautiful cuckoo clock to your home. From relatively simple one day rotations to intricate, complex musical 8 day cuckoo clocks, we have a full selection of cuckoo clocks to fit any interest level. Additionally, we feature new creations as well as classic antiques including Black Forest cuckoo clocks.

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House calls are available for cuckoo clock repairs, and they are backed by 55 years of experience.

While they may appear to run by magic when they are working correctly, a single problem can completely disable your cuckoo clock. Our professional clock repairmen know just what needs to be done to get your cuckoo clock back in order – give us a call today!

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While many people imagine the traditional house-shaped cuckoo clock with tweeting bird, the long tradition of their construction has led to an incredible variety of styles. Stop in today and explore our full collection of wonderful cuckoo clocks including both traditional and more contemporary styles.

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